Business and wealth management planning

Every time the stock market jolts up or down, it’s relaying information about expected risk and return. For many people, this jolting sends a shiver down their spine. Business owners who rely on the sale of their business to provide the majority of their retirement assets experience an additional shiver when the competitive forces of the business cycle threaten their revenues, profits, and cash flows.
When you feel this market turbulence threatening your success, you may find Synergy Financial Management’s (SFM) Lifestyle Protection Planning Process (LPPP) a welcome solution. The LPPP integrates business financial planning and analysis (FP&A) with personal financial planning and analysis, providing you with a coordinated and comprehensive strategy for financial security.
The core of FP&A is business valuation, which includes a process for increasing the market value and sale price of your business. The core of personal financial planning is investment management, which includes estate management procedures that safeguard your wealth.
Think of these two financial planning components as though you’re on one side of a bridge, working to get to the other side. The side you’re on is the current value of your business and personal wealth, and the side you want to attain is your well-funded retirement. The middle of the bridge is the gap between what you have now, and what you need to have. The successful sale of your business is the essential key to crossing this bridge.
What is your business worth and is it enough to secure your retirement? You really won’t know until you have your business valued according to standard valuation practices, not according to your subjective analysis and guesswork. Most business owners are surprised to learn their business is not worth as much as they thought. Our process helps you answer the questions that bridge your gap to retirement and help augment your business’ value for eventual sale. We also help with your personal wealth investing so you achieve a balance between investments with return characteristics and investments with risk management characteristics.

Finding the right combination of business financial planning and personal financial planning while continually monitoring and adjusting your plans as conditions change inevitably leads to your success.

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