Can you help me buy or sell a business?

Yes, absolutely. In either case, we will be your advisor and representative, ensuring that you receive the best value for your investment.

Should you be interested in buying a business, we will analyze economic trends, industry influences, regulations, competition and other elements of the business’s value so you have a completely clear picture of this potential acquisition.

If you are interested in selling your business, we will advise on every aspect of the sales process, from advertising to preparing the “book”, proposal reviews, negotiations and closing, and all the steps in between to guarantee that you receive the best price possible.

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How would you guide my decisions with family dynamics?

Family issues can often be very complicated, and we understand how important it is that your years of effort are rewarded with a secure financial future.

We have experienced a wide range of family dynamics in business situations, and have helped business owners navigate the concerns and personal issues of family expectations.

While this is seldom an easy situation, your interests are our priority, and we will capably represent and assure your business intentions.

Why should Synergetic Finance be the company to serve me?

Synergetic Finance is an integrated financial services firm — a financial ecosystem — specializing in Financial Management, Business Valuation and Consulting, and Mergers and Acquisitions including commercial real estate investments.

Serving as a trusted partner, we provide objective guidance and proven expert solutions based on a thorough understanding of your specific situation and goals. As our client, you will benefit from a collaborative relationship that addresses – and anticipates – your needs. We will follow a disciplined process that provides a structured approach while allowing for customization to your circumstances.