How do I know if I’m ready to sell my business?

The best way to know if you’re ready to sell your business is after you’ve conducted a business valuation. The valuation will assess the true market value of your business, and provide insight to a number of different ways you could multiply its market value, thus increasing your potential for a higher sale price.
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Do I really need a business valuation?

Yes, you do. Most business people overestimate the true value of their business, and are unhappily surprised when they offer their business for sale.

This is because business owners typically use the “rule of thumb” to gauge the value of their business. The market, however, carefully measures every aspect of your business and will attach a price based on its precise value.

The benefits of conducting a business valuation are that you will learn the true value of your business, and also identify the elements of your business that could be improved to elevate its sale value, providing you with more money.

Valuation Process:

What does the market think my business is worth, and how do you help me determine that?

When analyzing your business’s value, there are several different methods. Different methods result in different dollar values, so it’s important that the best valuation method is chosen to assess the value of your business.

Our team of advisors will consider whether your business should be valued using the income, the market, or the assets-based approach. We will calculate which method has the best results for your business, and we’ll also calculate the many other details of the business valuation process for you.

Ultimately, we’ll arrive at your company’s best possible true value, and guide you with improving its value so you can sell your business at the highest price.