Q.  What’s the process for buying a business?

A.  The process of buying a business can be a complicated one, but Synergy Mergers & Acquisitions can streamline the process for you. Here are the basic steps involved:

  1. Identify your objectives for buying a business.
  2. Search for the available businesses (both on and off the market) – This is where a business broker like Synergetic Finance can be very helpful.
  3. Research the details through by visiting the business and analyzing both the financial and non-financial data.
  4. Establish the value of the business and structure the terms of the purchase offer.
  5. Negotiate with the Seller to conclude at a mutually acceptable purchase price.
  6. Coordinate closing the transaction.
  7. Perform post-purchase audit.

Depending on your business background and experience, purchasing a business can be a rewarding experience. But it isn’t without its challenges. To prepare yourself to do things the right way, contact Synergetic Finance for an initial consultation.